Next Enrichment Night: TBD

Madness at Gardmore Abbey Quests (for the Enrichment night group):
Escort Sir Oakley to the Temple (Book 2 pg 10): Escort him to the Dragon’s Roost
Tower of the Archmage (Book 2 pg 5):Find the Winterbole Codex
Scout the Abbey (Book 2 pg 8): Survey the orc encampment

Unclaimed magic items:

1—Potion of Mimicry (level 7) – this will be group property

Artificer Office Credit (credit matched to your current level):
Bree, Draysys: 1300g
Sabir, Reggie, Xekkas, Coreton: 500g

Down with Nero! We’re looking for a few good people to join us in overthrowing the tyranny and re-establishing a free society in Kristophan!

DM Notes:
Since this is the group where we’ll play without everybody being available, your character’s XP will not be the same as everybody else. The DMs will post XP and treasure in each adventure log as well as who played that night.

The new Timeline is intended for major events in the world. It is not a timeline of our group’s adventures, although certain ones will be major enough to be included in the timeline. Each adventure log will contain the date (in the world) of that adventure.

Revolutionaries of Kristophan

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