Revolutionaries of Kristophan

Madness at Gardmore Abbey Part I couples
Garmin, Draysys, Essildra, and Bree go on an adventure.

Garmin, Draysys, Essildra, and Bree go on an adventure.

Madness at Gardmore Abbey Part II

Quests: Tower of the Archmage (Book 2 pg 5) – find the Winterbole Codex which is a tome bound in white dragon scales, Scout the Abbey (Book 2 pg 9) – scout the orc encampment

Bonus XP: 250 XP per char for figuring out the time difference

We have traveled about 12 years into the future.

Valthrun will research: color change, time change, what happened to Sir Oakley

Encounter 1 defeated

Madness at Gardmore Abbey Part I

Players: Elkantar, Lief, Xekkas, Sabir, Roman, Coreton

The party accepted the invitation to “assassinate” Sir Oakley. They arrived at his house and met Elkantor who introduced himself as being a member of a sister cell and asked that the Rev group help him and Sir Oakley. The party went through the portal where the party was separated into two alternate realities. Bree, Draysis, Garmin, and Essildra are no longer with the group, and most people do not remember them ever being there. We landed in a small library with one door, we heard voices out the door and around the corner, Elkantar went to investigate and stumbled on the carpet. He was seen by one of the people in a party of 3 and was asked where he came from. Fortunately Lief came to his aid and the two of them (seeming as if they where mad) left the room to return to where they came from. The 3 people then came and knocked on the door, Sabir being much better at talking to people took the helm and we where able to pass off the prior encounter as jet lag from the portal. They informed us we are indeed in Winterhaven and have said they will assist in finding someplace to rest.

The Doctor is Out

Raid the house in preparation for the party.

We find the guard post at the wall and sneak in with 3/4 making the DC for a Complexity 1 Moderate Success.

We get chased in the Nobility Quarter but barely lose our pursuers.

When we arrive at the house, the 5 dog constructs for 1250XP.

Bree scrambles up to the balcony on the upper level but sees a construct inside the house. We decide to enter the front door, which Bree unlocks and untraps. Essildra enters the room and we discover a construct guard which had been hiding. We rush the target and take it out fairly quickly. 400XP

After moving downstairs, we encounter 3 constructs that are blocking the door to 1 room but not the other. They will talk to us without revealing any information but do not attack until Essildra and Garmin try and pick the one up that is directly in front of the door. This throws the one off balance and the fight begins!
(450XP each)

We find a secret room and take a very interesting glass cylinder with arcane runes all over it (along with the 6 spellplague vials). We also find a set of servant clothes and a wall safe. Then we sabotage a few plants in the garden so they’ll die, we capture some bugs and release them into the walls, and we mess with the magical interior plumbing so that it will have to be fixed later.

Characters: Bree, Draysys, Essildra, Garmin

Per character: 1300 XP + 1250g
Loot: interesting glass cylinder, 6 vials of the spellplague mist, a sack of gold worth 5000

The Spellplague Arrives in Kristophan Part 3

We have arrived at some fancy party in the Nobility Quarter. Will we discover a way to find the spellplagued zombie bodies?

The Spellplague Arrives in Kristophan Part 2

We infiltrate a bath house to begin with.

Signing real name for Artificer Office credit: Sabir, Draysys, Bree (first name only), Coreton
Fake: Reggie

Memory Ritual: 3 Success, 1 Failure (1500XP total)

Escape the Quarantine: Go through sewer (2000XP total)
We were trapped in the quarantine area. A gubmit representative came to announce the quarantine and reassure everyone that food and supplies would be brought it. As he left our brilliant werewolf tried to follow him and received a few arrows for his boldness. The party tried to negotiate at the exit but to no avail. We then explored looking for other ways out, including going over the wall of mist, but the only possible avenue seemed to be the sewer (not a popular option). We descended into the sewer and the cleric and ?? ended up taking a swim. We sent someone back up to get plank we could use to more easily navigate the ledges and mostly stay out of the muck. The cleric was saved from his swim by the werewolf. And we found some critters and a cloud of smoke. We overcame the obstacles and made it out of the sewer outside the quarantine area. But, just as we exited the sewer we ran into a group of guards that realized we were escaping. We were forced to subdue them and then the party dispersed to make good their escape.

Caught coming out of the sewer: defeated 4 Kristophan City Patrol guards, 2800XP total

Get past the Nobility Quarter Guards (1225XP total)

While the attention of most party-goers was on Sabir’s fabulous evening gown, some did notice that we were being watched by somebody who was very good at it. We didn’t get a good look at who it was.

Also of note, one of the guests made a comment indicating that somebody might have managed to get through security by entering with our party.

XP per character: 1075

The Spellplague Arrives in Kristophan

After we rest in Haverbrookingston, Servent Thaylen asks us if we will be his eyes and ears in the city for the next couple of days as the town council was all hit with the Spellplague.

We fight off some zombies in Kristophan and clear out the sewer. Xekkas is stricken with the plague but the rest of us enjoy a hot bath.

Characters: Draysys, Xekkas, Bree, Sabir, Coreton, Reginald
XP: 675 per character
Treasure: (various Boons gifted by Ioun)

ONE Dungeon Training Part 2

We continued exploring the rest of the old jail and found some more surprises.

Characters: Draysys, Bree, Garmin, Sa’a’a’a’a, Essildra

XP: 650 each (combined Part 1 and 2), no treasure

ONE Dungeon Training

Following up on a previous lead, we encountered another youth that had connections to the ONE program. She knew people in the program and wanted to investigate what they were up to. We accompanied her from the Arcane Library to an old, locked warehouse. Inside, we found a trapdoor leading to and old and unused foundation.

Haverbrookingston Zombified

Acting on a tip from our ONE informant, we try and warn Haverbrookingston, but end up in the middle of an epic plague being unleashed on the city. Ioun rewards us for helping her priests to save the townspeople. The priests recognize that we gave our all in order to save as many townspeople as we could and declare that we will forever find sanctuary there whenever we need it.

PCs: Redshirt (Coreton has decreed that we never speak his name), Reginald, Draysys, Bree, Lash, Coreton, Sabir, Xekkas, Anaxagoras
XP: 4154/9 = 462 + 100 (battle + 10 townspeople saved) = 562XP per character


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