Revolutionaries of Kristophan

Retroactive Estate Tax Part 2

Escort prisoner back to Kristophan to discover his contact.

(some stuff happened)

We have been asked to search for a missing teenage girl in an area just outside Kristophan. Apparently, she’s the 2nd victim in the past few days. (We take a short rest, but we will pick back up where we leave off, so any daily powers are still used up – keep track of this on your character sheet.)

Players: Bryan, Debbie, Jared, Kurtt, Scott
XP: 650 each
Treasure: 100 gold from crazy cultist wagon, 3 potions of healing + 5 100 gold gems + 100 gold = 1 100 gold gem + 40 gold per person (+ the 3 healing potions)

Retroactive Estate Tax

Nero has declared a retroactive estate tax – this means that whenever his government discovers wealth buried with dead family members of citizens of Kristophan (in or around the city), they will confiscate said treasure for purposes of the common defense.

Essildra, a Goliath Fighter, has mentioned this to Thorzan Cataryl, the owner and proprietor of the Cataryl Tailor shop. Equally outraged, he told her if she intended to protect her family property, his son (Draysys Cataryl)and his friends would be glad to help out.

{Draysys Cataryl} and {Bree} gladly accepted the request for help, they thought this would be a good time to get to know each other more. Upon approaching the tomb we heard what sounded like gigantic hammers pounding on stone. {Draysys Cataryl} krept ahead to see what we where in for. He reported back that there where about 4 archers, 2 muscle men welding hammers trying to get in, and 1 person who was doing nothing, so he must have been the manager.

After a long battle that almost saw all three party members fall, they where able to defeat their foes. After resting up we approached the tomb doors, we saw that they where covered with depictions of Essildra’s grandfather, along with a poem. With the power of our superior minds we found the secret message in the poem, and followed each step. After completing the steps outlined in the poem we where able to enter a rather large and unusual tomb filled with a collection of strange items.

Players: Deborah, Jared, Bryan XP: 1000 Treasure: none

Storm Tower part 2

The party passes through a trapped corridor through flamejets while under crossbow fire from bandits and even Sabir son of Sadim getting roped into an iron maiden.

The next chamber had a strange cauldron of black ooze and several piles of painted goblin skulls. Draysys Cataryl Casually tossed a red skull into the cauldron and out came two undead corpses which spawned “cauldron motes” when struck by an attack. Luckily Kurtt’s new druid dude kept the spawning from getting out of control by saturating the area with fire, killing the little beasties almost as quickly as they were created. As the creatures were nearly defeated, a new creature emerged from the cauldron, but it was not undead but Mike’s new cleric who apparently had been in trapped in some kind of suspended animation.

After dispatching the undead creatures and exchanging pleasantries with the filth encrusted cleric, the party decrypted the color combination to open the doors to the next chamber which contained a bunch of undead and the leader of the Yellow Skull bandits (or at least leader of the local chapter). A pitched battle ensued in which the new cleric proved indispensable as Sabir son of Sadim and Anaxagoras Xeniades IV nearly died, and Draysys Cataryl wasn’t far off either. Fortunately the party managed to achieve victory and there was much rejoicing.

Upon returning to Kristophan the party turned Lurash (the wanted criminal they captured) over to the authorities for the modest bounty. Lurash swore revenge on the group, but they laughed heartily over the idea of him ever escaping from prison and seeking vengeance. Ah-hahaha!

XP: 630

players: Scott, Bryan, Ben, Jared, Kurtt, Mike

In addition to the XP gained from this session, XP is rewarded for completing the quest. So, each player gets and additional 100 XP for each session of Storm Tower that they attended.

Additional loot: 75 gp per player, per session of Storm Tower attended.

To be distributed: Symbol of Freedom (lvl 7 +2) [pg 88 AV] – holy symbol

Rope of Slave Fighting (lvl 7) [pg 166 AV] – waist slot

Climbing Claws (lvl 4) [pg 133 AV] – hands slot

1 potion of healing

Storm Tower part 1

The party was called upon to assist the Lord Warden of the town of Fallcrest, which they did. Or, rather, started to. After being briefed by Captain Faringray of the town’s plight, the party embarked on their journey with Sorik Orvash the Dwarf as their guide. Upon reached the tower where the trouble was to be found, a group of bandits were discovered with a hostage dwarf. After being discovered, the party engaged in battle, included some confusing incidents with the “hostage” who seemed keen on stabbing his rescuers in the back (out of the line of sight of Sorik). Some zombies also emerged and descended on the party. With the bandits dead and zombies redeadened, the hostage (who is identified as Tarjin, one of the dwarfs the party was supposed to rescue) dropped his weapon and surrendered. Wary of his loyalties the party tied him up and interrogated him. Tarjin claimed that himself and the bandits were under the curse of a bog hag that lives in the nearby Witchlight Fens, and that was the cause of his actions. Focusing on the mission at hand (rescue the dwarven workers and dispatch the bandits) the party left Sorik to guard Tarjin and descended into the tower’s nether regions.

Draysys Cataryl was the first to descend the rope ladder and he did so with stealth and grace. Unfortunately it led into the center of a large chamber with several bandits scattered about. Soon the others descending the ladder drew attention, and with nowhere to hide, Draysys Cataryl was engulfed in battle. The party quickly joined the fray, (some as quickly as gravity could carry them) and a bloody battle ensued. During the battle, some of the party recognized one of the bandits as “Lurash”, a wanted man in Kristophan. Eager to collect the reward, the party took Lurash prisoner (more violently than they had Tarjin) and dispatched the rest of the bandits (plus a construct “chomper”). The rest of the dwarven prisoners were also being held in this room, including the identical twin of Tarjin who called himself by the same name. Climbing back up the ladder to seek Sorik’s aid in clearing up the mess, Sorik was found dead and the 1st “Tarjin” was nowhere to be seen.

XP: 400

players: Mark, Bryan, Jared, Dave, Scott

Poke the Sleeping Bear part 2

Having cleared the main and 2nd floors of the manor, the party proceeded to the basement where they found the food storage rooms and a hidden Shadowborn Bugbear that nearly strangled Sabir son of Sadim to death. The party did manage to maneuver effectively before too much brain damage was done, and the bugbear was terminated. The far more interesting discovery in the basement was a small prison/shrine to Zehir that was occupied by some Snaketongue cultists holding a couple of prisoners hostage over a trap door. While negotiations were futile, they did allow the party to position themselves to make a daring rescue attempt. The rescue went well until Anaxagoras Xeniades IV was pushed onto the relevant trap door, and said trap door opened up underneath him. Luckily he managed to catch hold on one of the doors, but his torch fell, illuminating the depths of the pit and the Yuan-Ti Anathema waiting at the bottom. Draysys Cataryl and Bree were able to do most of the dirty work and Sabir son of Sadim eventually killed a minion and sent his corpse into the pit. Anaxagoras Xeniades IV climbed out of the pit and at the behest of the prisoners closed the trap door. The world was safe once more.

After finishing their looting and deciding against gratuitous vandalism, the party headed out to return to Kristophan. On the way, the group stumbled upon a group of goblins in process of setting up a trap. After a few moments of staring at each other, the goblins attacked. After a relatively short and easy battle, the goblins started to scatter. A Wyvern swept in and chomped a fleeing goblin before strafing the party. Sabir son of Sadim managed to ground and immobilize the beast, and the party made short work of it before it managed to sting Sabir son of Sadim to death.

XP: 625

Players present: Scott, Bryan, Jared, Ben

Poke the Sleeping Bear part 1

The party has been ordered to conduct a raid of a country manor owned by a certain crimlord. It is hoped that some sensitive papers may have been left in the manor from his recent stay there. Also, any money looted can be used to promote the cause.

Hankerin’ for some violence, the party didn’t hesitate to embark on the foolhardy quest. On their approach, they found a small group under attack by some of Diogenes’ thugs. After defeating the ruffians (and taking a prisoner) the talked to the survivors, a halfling and a drow. The halfling Bree was on an even more foolhardy quest, to prove herself to her family, she intended to loot some kind of prize from the crimelord’s manor. Apparently the drow and others were attempting to facilitate this desire when their attempt to lure the patrol on guard worked a little too well.

After patching up their wounds, the party proceeded to the manor and infiltrated it handily through the front door. After ambushing a poor sap coming out of a chamber pot room, the party got into a brawl with a few blokes having a meal (who mustered a couple reinforcements as well). After sweeping clean the ground floor, the party proceeded to the 2nd floor, which seemed much quieter… Until Lashaneth Latherian opened the door to the harem and was quickly skewered twice by a Warforged (serving as eunuch). After a brief but intense fight with the construct and a couple of orcs, the party was again victorious.

Players present: Scott, Dave, Ben, Jared, Mark, Mike

XP: 425

Left 4 Undead

The party received a request by the The Kristophanian Peoples Front to investigate rumors regarding undead creatures wandering the sewers near the tombs under the old part of town. Of greatest importance was to try to find the source of the undead: whether from followers of Orcus or Vecna, unaffiliated necromancers or just a surge of necrotic energy from the shadowfell.

Not afraid of a little sewage or undeath, the party put on their waders and went fishing for zombies and brown trout. After avoiding a rat swarm that was feasting on a vagrant, the party bumped into a couple of giant rats, which were quickly dispatched. While this was happening however, a skeleton was seen wandering in the distance. The party investigated and in fact found many skeletons. As the skirmish progressed several varieties of zombies also appeared and much disgusting combat ensued.

After the immediate threat had subsided, the party took a short rest, then proceeded to search for more trouble. They found it in the form of some cultists of Orcus performing rituals, surrounded by undead. Once spotted, the party had no choice but to bravely flee for their lives. The successful mission brings with it disturbing news. It is not wise to regard the cult of Orcus lightly.

Players present: Everyone but Draysys Cataryl
XP: 285

Rescue at Rivenroar 4

We finish up cleansing the remains of the Rivenroar castle. Go ahead and read the adventure to see what you may have missed.

We return to Bizona with the townspeople we rescued as well as the items stolen from the Great Hall. We also bring back the bodies of Kartenix (the one we left Kristophan to go and find) and the hero Thrain Lamename for a proper burial. Draysys Cataryl takes his leave of the group as everybody heads back to Bizona. He says he must go on a walkabout before returning to Kristophan.

For anybody that is interested, here is the adventure: Rescue at Rivenroar

WotC published the first 3 adventures in this campaign for free – we just played the first one. If anybody is interested in the next one (designed for 5 level 3 chars), or the 3rd (5 level 4 chars), let Bryan know.

For simplicity, I will split up the treasure total 5 ways since that’s what the adventure was calculated to give, but everybody can take an equal share.

Players: Bryan, Jared, Kurtt, Ben, Scott

XP: 555 each + a bonus of 120XP for returning all townspeople and the items from the Great Hall

Treasure: 170g each + a bonus of 80 gold for claiming the reward, plus a total of 4 healing potions (let’s make sure each character has 1 – we’ll split these up next time we play).

MNP: Thrain Lamename for being the first character to die since the switch to 4e. Jared’s next character will have to inherit the prize.

Rescue at Rivenroar 3

We continue our search for kidnapped citizens and hope that we find the one we’re looking for…
-Players: Ben, Bryan, Dave, Scott
-XP: 500 per player

Rescue at Rivenroar 2.5

Exploring the first part of the so-called abandoned castle.
Players: Bryan, Scott, Dave, Jared, Kurtt


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