Sabir son of Sadim

Ex-military idealist. Often dresses up as a woman when on covert ops. Easy-going and relaxed but very determined.


Sabir was a mid-ranking NCO in the military before the collapse. He is good natured and easy going but has a strong sense of right and wrong. His smooth face and slight build enable him to pass for a woman when the need arises. The need stops arising the moment a man gets fresh with him.


He is the oldest child in a large family. His parents were poor but not destitute and they ran a happy household. His parents instilled in him a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to make a difference in the world. This led him to join the military in an attempt to help stabilize an increasingly dangerous country. He rose through the lower ranks quickly, propelled by popularity with the grunts. He was eventually limited by a lack of ambition and no interest whatsoever in politics. He was content to train and work with the men and eventually earned the nickname “mother”, partially for being a caring leader and partially for his hilariously convincing imitation of the commanding officer’s wife. His parents and siblings disappeared during the collapse. Their whereabouts and status are currently unknown despite many attempts to track them down. Their loss is a major motivating factor behind Sabir’s decision to join the resistance.

Sabir son of Sadim

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