Draysys Cataryl

Apprentice Tailor and Hybrid Avenger/Ranger


Hybrid Avenger/Ranger

Magical items I have:
Cloak of Resistance +1 (level 2)
+1 Vicious Falchion
Goblin Stompers

Magic item wishlist:
Iron Armbands of Power=+2 melee damage
Bracers of Archery – +2 damage with bow/crossbow, Daily minor ignore cover next attack
Leather +2 Veteran’s Armor (when using an action point, gain +1 to attacks and all defenses until end of next turn) or +2 Armor of Cleansing (+2 to saves against ongoing damage)

18 years old, pretty naive and quick to anger (shoot first and ask questions later)

His favorite uncle was an officer in the King’s Guard and Draysys sometimes accompanied him on combat training missions. This led to a fascination and strong desire to follow in his uncle’s footsteps. 9 months ago, his uncle disappeared and the family will not be told what happened to him or what’s become of him. This opened Draysys’ eyes to the tyranny of the current government and he vowed to take part in overthrowing it.

His family has owned their tailoring shop for 5 generations. Draysys is an apprentice and intends to carry on the family tradition.

After adventuring for a little while, Draysys felt the need to fully commit himself to The Cause. To do so, he has combined the prowess of both a Ranger and an Avenger.

Draysys Cataryl

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