Anaxagoras Xeniades IV



+3 initiative

14 Passive Insight – 14 Passive Perception

21 AC 18 Fort 18 Ref 16 Will

44 HP

Feats: Lend Might, Toughness, Jack of All Trades

Skills: Acro +2, Arcana +8, Athl +9, Bluff +6, Dipl +9, Dung +4, Endu +6(+7), Heal +4, Hist +11, Insi +4, Inti +9, Nature +6, Perc +4, Reli +8, Stea +2, Stree +6, Thie +2

+1 Hide Armor of Cleansing, Light Shield, Longsword, Dagger, Sling

Amulet of Health +1


Gender: M – Age: 28 – Height: 6’ – Weight: 205 – Hometown: TBD – Alignment: Lawful Good – Deity: Polytheist

Serving in the military as a captain on the borders of the Empire, Anaxagoras was deeply committed to his duty. As the stability of the Empire began to falter, he refused to abandon his position for belief that the Empire could not fall. Only when all supplies and communication ceased to flow did he leave his post with what few men were left. Eventually he found his way home to find his family dead, killed in the chaos that followed the collapse of the Empire.

For a short time Anaxagoras served as a member of Nero’s guard, but quickly saw him for the tyrant that he is. Having nothing to lose and hoping to shape a new nation free from the faults that destroyed that which preceded it, Anaxagoras joined the revolutionaries fighting to topple Nero’s regime.


Luckblade – longsword (+1 lvl 3, +2 lvl 8) [AV]

Pinning Weapon – longsword (+1 lvl 2, +2 lvl 7) [AV]

Boots of Free Movement (lvl 6) [AV]

Circlet of Second Chances (lvl 3) [AV]

Starlight goggles (lvl 8) [AV]

Girdle of the Oxen (lvl 5) [AV]

Luckbender Gloves (lvl 6) [AV]

Direbeast Shield (lvl 5) [AV]

Manticore Shield (lvl 8) [AV]

Throwing Shield (lvl 6) [AV]

Anaxagoras Xeniades IV

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