That handsome devil... hide the womenfolk.


Str 8 Con 16 Dex 11 Int 14 Wis 11 Cha 18

AC 12 FORT 13 REF 13 WILL 15

HP 28

Has: Repulsion Armor level 2, mace

Would like: From the adventurer’s vault: Rod of Malign Conveyance Level 3+, Rod of Cursed Honor Level 2+, Vicious Rod Level 3+, Master’s Wand of Dire Radiance Level 3+, Master’s Wand of Eldritch Blast Level 3+, Wand of Radiance Level 3+, Armor of Resistance Leather Level 2+ (acid, poison, or cold resistance), Cape of the Mountebank Level 5+, Cloak of Distortion Level 4+, From the PH: Bloodcut armor Level 4+, Good ol’ magic leather armor,


Unsure of his real parentage, Iago Stickleback was raised by adoptive parents who served the recent empire as high-ranking arcanists and instructors to the College of the Unknown (curriculum = ????). Surrounded by the arcane all his life, he nevertheless spent every waking hour womanizing (or attempting to) and avoiding spurned lovers (and their husbands). With the collapse of the empire and subsequent rise of Nero, the college and its now-loyal-to-an-unpopular-regime faculty were systematically rubbed out. Returning home one morning afer a night of carousing, Iago finds his home burned to the ground and the bodies of his adoptive mother clutching a partially-charred note hinting at a long-lost twin brother someplace and an obscurred request for vengeance upon Nero and his ilk. Well, Iago figures that what little warlockery he has absorbed over the years is about to be put to good use for killing some Neronians, and he doesn’t mind letting people know that, regardless of how foolish that may be.


Revolutionaries of Kristophan Otto