Lashaneth Latherian

A disenfranchised Eledrin rogue who served his families as more of a back room dealmaker or enforcer when needed.


Lv 2 Eladrin Rouge, Align: Unaligned, Deity: Erathis and Sehanine, STR 14, CON 11, DEX 17, INT 14, WIS 12, CHA 13, Max HP 28, Trained in: Acrobatics, Bluff, Insight, Perception, Stealth, Streetwise and Thievery. Languages known: Common and Elven. Feats: Quick draw and ?(need to choose).

Current magic items: +1 Vicious short sword, Bracers of Striking, Belt of Vigor

Magic Item wish list:

Burglar’s Gloves L 1 Headband of Perception Lv 1 Restful Bedroll Lv 1 Eternal Chalk Lv 1

Belt of Vigor Lv 2 Bracers of Respite Lv 2 Hunters Flint Lv 2 Silent Tool (grappling Hook) Lv 2

Duelist’s weapon Lv 3 Luckblade Lv 3 Serpentskin Armor Lv 3 Sylvan Armor Lv 3 Floating Lantern Lv 3

Opportunistic Weapon Lv 4 Cloak of Distortion Lv 4

Bag of Holding Lv 5 Cape of the Mountebank Lv 5 Cat’s Paws Lv 5

Goblin Stompers Lv 6 Sandals of Precise Stepping Lv 6

Elven Cloak Lv 7

Skeleton Key Lv 10

Exodus Knife Lv 12


Lashaneth’s family was once powerful in the city of ???. Owning many shops and businesses they were able to buy political influence that they could then use to further their ends. Lashaneth was never very impressed with the socializing side of the business and preferred to stay in the background and make sure things got done. After the collapse of the empire, many of the politicians set up their own little kingdoms within the different sections of the cities drawing those loyal to them close. When they did this many seized control of the businesses in their new kingdoms. Some where left to be ran by the owners with only steep taxes to be payed but most were not so lucky. With the family’s economic empire in taters and several of the families leadership dead or being held captive as they got caught in the political turmoil Lashaneth seeks revenge on the corrupt dignitaries and has found a new path, to instill a new government with greater focus on the needs of the people rather then what can be done to further their own ends (and if his family can be a part of that leadership all the better!).

Lashaneth Latherian

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