Revolutionaries of Kristophan

The Doctor is Out

Raid the house in preparation for the party.

We find the guard post at the wall and sneak in with 3/4 making the DC for a Complexity 1 Moderate Success.

We get chased in the Nobility Quarter but barely lose our pursuers.

When we arrive at the house, the 5 dog constructs for 1250XP.

Bree scrambles up to the balcony on the upper level but sees a construct inside the house. We decide to enter the front door, which Bree unlocks and untraps. Essildra enters the room and we discover a construct guard which had been hiding. We rush the target and take it out fairly quickly. 400XP

After moving downstairs, we encounter 3 constructs that are blocking the door to 1 room but not the other. They will talk to us without revealing any information but do not attack until Essildra and Garmin try and pick the one up that is directly in front of the door. This throws the one off balance and the fight begins!
(450XP each)

We find a secret room and take a very interesting glass cylinder with arcane runes all over it (along with the 6 spellplague vials). We also find a set of servant clothes and a wall safe. Then we sabotage a few plants in the garden so they’ll die, we capture some bugs and release them into the walls, and we mess with the magical interior plumbing so that it will have to be fixed later.

Characters: Bree, Draysys, Essildra, Garmin

Per character: 1300 XP + 1250g
Loot: interesting glass cylinder, 6 vials of the spellplague mist, a sack of gold worth 5000



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