Revolutionaries of Kristophan

Storm Tower part 2

The party passes through a trapped corridor through flamejets while under crossbow fire from bandits and even Sabir son of Sadim getting roped into an iron maiden.

The next chamber had a strange cauldron of black ooze and several piles of painted goblin skulls. Draysys Cataryl Casually tossed a red skull into the cauldron and out came two undead corpses which spawned “cauldron motes” when struck by an attack. Luckily Kurtt’s new druid dude kept the spawning from getting out of control by saturating the area with fire, killing the little beasties almost as quickly as they were created. As the creatures were nearly defeated, a new creature emerged from the cauldron, but it was not undead but Mike’s new cleric who apparently had been in trapped in some kind of suspended animation.

After dispatching the undead creatures and exchanging pleasantries with the filth encrusted cleric, the party decrypted the color combination to open the doors to the next chamber which contained a bunch of undead and the leader of the Yellow Skull bandits (or at least leader of the local chapter). A pitched battle ensued in which the new cleric proved indispensable as Sabir son of Sadim and Anaxagoras Xeniades IV nearly died, and Draysys Cataryl wasn’t far off either. Fortunately the party managed to achieve victory and there was much rejoicing.

Upon returning to Kristophan the party turned Lurash (the wanted criminal they captured) over to the authorities for the modest bounty. Lurash swore revenge on the group, but they laughed heartily over the idea of him ever escaping from prison and seeking vengeance. Ah-hahaha!

XP: 630

players: Scott, Bryan, Ben, Jared, Kurtt, Mike

In addition to the XP gained from this session, XP is rewarded for completing the quest. So, each player gets and additional 100 XP for each session of Storm Tower that they attended.

Additional loot: 75 gp per player, per session of Storm Tower attended.

To be distributed: Symbol of Freedom (lvl 7 +2) [pg 88 AV] – holy symbol

Rope of Slave Fighting (lvl 7) [pg 166 AV] – waist slot

Climbing Claws (lvl 4) [pg 133 AV] – hands slot

1 potion of healing



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