Revolutionaries of Kristophan

Retroactive Estate Tax

Nero has declared a retroactive estate tax – this means that whenever his government discovers wealth buried with dead family members of citizens of Kristophan (in or around the city), they will confiscate said treasure for purposes of the common defense.

Essildra, a Goliath Fighter, has mentioned this to Thorzan Cataryl, the owner and proprietor of the Cataryl Tailor shop. Equally outraged, he told her if she intended to protect her family property, his son (Draysys Cataryl)and his friends would be glad to help out.

{Draysys Cataryl} and {Bree} gladly accepted the request for help, they thought this would be a good time to get to know each other more. Upon approaching the tomb we heard what sounded like gigantic hammers pounding on stone. {Draysys Cataryl} krept ahead to see what we where in for. He reported back that there where about 4 archers, 2 muscle men welding hammers trying to get in, and 1 person who was doing nothing, so he must have been the manager.

After a long battle that almost saw all three party members fall, they where able to defeat their foes. After resting up we approached the tomb doors, we saw that they where covered with depictions of Essildra’s grandfather, along with a poem. With the power of our superior minds we found the secret message in the poem, and followed each step. After completing the steps outlined in the poem we where able to enter a rather large and unusual tomb filled with a collection of strange items.

Players: Deborah, Jared, Bryan XP: 1000 Treasure: none



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