Revolutionaries of Kristophan

Rescue at Rivenroar

Sseptember 494
The Kristophanian Peoples Front is missing 5 people: 3 humans, 1 eladrin, 1 dwarf in Bizona AKA Brindol. We consent to their request to go looking for them. They provide names and a physical description of each.

We borrowed 2 horses from Draysys’ family and 2 from Lashaneth’s family as well. Draysys Cataryl, Thrain Lamename, Lashaneth, and Anaxagoras Xeniades IV headed out to Bizona, straight to the tavern Antler and Thistle (of course), where we fit in seamlessly.

We do a Gather information skill challenge; Our rogue (Lashaneth), “accidentally” grabs one of the city guards butts while asking whats new in town, Anaxagoras Xeniades IV accidentally calls a man an old lady and gets kneed in the groin. Thrain Lamename tried his hardest and did not offend anyone, but sadly his fellows screwed the goat on that one. Draysys tried in vain to get drunk.

So we resort to eavesdropping and learned that some creatures have been attacking the city and taken some of it’s residents.

Suddenly the door flew open and in rushed 4 hobgoblins yelling, “For Sinruth! For the HAND”! They kill a few of the locals, then a Goblin Carrying a bitumen torch lights the main table on fire. More hobgoblins join the fun with him. Several parts of the tavern that the goblin had lit on fire began to combine into a conflagration.

Sadly with the exception of Draysys Cataryl we all powerful suck, had it not been for the regular people in the bar we would have been screwed. It is a sad day when our heroes are shown up by a bunch of drunks using improvised weapons.

We leave the bar and see a war wagon carrying two goblins being pulled by an ogre. The ogre is carrying what we assume is a cask of Whiskey or Bourbon. One of the goblins lights the cask on fire and the Ogre throws it at Anaxagoras Xeniades IV, narrowly missing him. Thrain Lamename cries out at the waste of bourbon, only to find out it is just flaming pitch exploding right in front of him. Draysys Cataryl keeps with his standard double attack and plugs the ogre with arrows from his trusty longbow. One of the hobgoblin archers in the wagon mishandled his bow after a shot and accidentally drops it off to the side of the wagon. His hobgoblin partner politely asks him to retrieve it by pushing him out of the wagon. After Thrain Lamename does minor damage (thanks in part to a spell by Anaxagoras Xeniades IV), both Anaxagoras Xeniades IV and Thrain Lamename get pounded good by the ogre. Draysys Cataryl decides to make life a little more interesting for the orge and remaining hobgoblin in the cart and lights 2 arrows on fire – thanks to the nearby burning pitch provided by the orge – and lights two of the casks of pitch on fire (we should have a parade for him). This lights the cart itself on fire and causes the hobgoblins to abandon the orge to it’s fate. As a group effort we slay the ogre, HURAA! Our heroics get noticed by a nearby group of townsfolk.

We meet with Councilman Eoffram Troyas after spending the night healing wounded city guards and townspeople and assisting in securing the outer gates. He thanks us for our duties and gives us a place to rest.

After our rest we meet back up with Councilman Troyas and he would like to hear more about our story and has something he would like to talk to us about. He recognizes one of the names from the people we are looking for named Kartenix. He is fairly sure he a human on the missing persons list but has no idea who the other 4 people are who we’re looking for. Some items have been reported missing from The Hall of Great Valor, which has been looted.

After some negotiations he tells us about the Army of the Red Hand (an army that was growing in size and several cities had to band together to defeat them 10 years ago). We are to get information from a prisoner that should be able to help us on our way. The password is “not in the face”.

Morrik is the hobgoblin prisoner chained to the wall, and he will not give us anything unless we unchain him, which eventually we agree to do. Sinruth is one of the leaders of the red hand, he is not sure what Sinruth wants with this town. The operations against this town are not done. He finally requests a parchment and pen to draw us a map but none of us are sure that the map is trustworthy.

DM Notes:
(no treasure)



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