Revolutionaries of Kristophan

Madness at Gardmore Abbey Part I

Players: Elkantar, Lief, Xekkas, Sabir, Roman, Coreton

The party accepted the invitation to “assassinate” Sir Oakley. They arrived at his house and met Elkantor who introduced himself as being a member of a sister cell and asked that the Rev group help him and Sir Oakley. The party went through the portal where the party was separated into two alternate realities. Bree, Draysis, Garmin, and Essildra are no longer with the group, and most people do not remember them ever being there. We landed in a small library with one door, we heard voices out the door and around the corner, Elkantar went to investigate and stumbled on the carpet. He was seen by one of the people in a party of 3 and was asked where he came from. Fortunately Lief came to his aid and the two of them (seeming as if they where mad) left the room to return to where they came from. The 3 people then came and knocked on the door, Sabir being much better at talking to people took the helm and we where able to pass off the prior encounter as jet lag from the portal. They informed us we are indeed in Winterhaven and have said they will assist in finding someplace to rest.



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