Revolutionaries of Kristophan

Left 4 Undead

The party received a request by the The Kristophanian Peoples Front to investigate rumors regarding undead creatures wandering the sewers near the tombs under the old part of town. Of greatest importance was to try to find the source of the undead: whether from followers of Orcus or Vecna, unaffiliated necromancers or just a surge of necrotic energy from the shadowfell.

Not afraid of a little sewage or undeath, the party put on their waders and went fishing for zombies and brown trout. After avoiding a rat swarm that was feasting on a vagrant, the party bumped into a couple of giant rats, which were quickly dispatched. While this was happening however, a skeleton was seen wandering in the distance. The party investigated and in fact found many skeletons. As the skirmish progressed several varieties of zombies also appeared and much disgusting combat ensued.

After the immediate threat had subsided, the party took a short rest, then proceeded to search for more trouble. They found it in the form of some cultists of Orcus performing rituals, surrounded by undead. Once spotted, the party had no choice but to bravely flee for their lives. The successful mission brings with it disturbing news. It is not wise to regard the cult of Orcus lightly.

Players present: Everyone but Draysys Cataryl
XP: 285



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