Revolutionaries of Kristophan

Haverbrookingston Zombified

Acting on a tip from our ONE informant, we try and warn Haverbrookingston, but end up in the middle of an epic plague being unleashed on the city. Ioun rewards us for helping her priests to save the townspeople. The priests recognize that we gave our all in order to save as many townspeople as we could and declare that we will forever find sanctuary there whenever we need it.

PCs: Redshirt (Coreton has decreed that we never speak his name), Reginald, Draysys, Bree, Lash, Coreton, Sabir, Xekkas, Anaxagoras
XP: 4154/9 = 462 + 100 (battle + 10 townspeople saved) = 562XP per character



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