Revolutionaries of Kristophan

Saugust 494
In the basement of Draysys Cataryl’s family tailoring shop, we learned of the sad tale of some of our brother revolutionaries. The day before, 6 members of a sister revolutionary cell were taken from prison, loaded into a cart from gate 4, and the cart returned empty this morning. Given the circumstances, it’s likely that these 6 were killed. They consisted of 2 halflings, 1 gnome, 1 eladrin, 1 dragonborn, and 1 dwarf. What happened to them?

Although we know the point of departure for the cart, we do not know which city gate the cart passed through. The 5 of us decided to split up and search each of the 3 city gates to find more information on the events of the previous night. Farticus was able to use his contacts to determine with reasonable certainty that the cart did not pass through the gate by the docks. Through process of elimination, we decided upon the Bearkiller Legion gate and found tracks that came from a cart of the correct size. We followed the trail for about 4 miles outside of the city where it left the road. The tracks led into a forest area where we encountered a group of Goblins. After an intense battle, we defeated them and continued following the cart tracks.

The trail led into an underground cavern, but oddly, was protected by a locked door. Inside the cavern were ZOMBIES!!! A couple of them were hidden in a small underground creek, which caught us by surprise. Sadly, among their number were a dragonborn, halfling, gnome, and dwarf. Our fears seemed to be confirmed that our brothers-in-arms were indeed dead. We had no choice but to destroy what was left of them. The cave had more bodies in it that were not zombies and we found one wearing an Amulet of Health.

Upon returning to the city, Draysys delivered the bad news to our sister cell via the standard drop box.

DM Notes:
46 gold


After Farticus meet the people he was supposed to work with he decided to go separate ways, so he hopped on his Bad Horse and left to join a group of thugs and thieves.

Finding the Dead

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